Water Temperature Comparison Table

We thought it would be useful to see water temperatures of thermal resorts in one place, so we create this comparison table. Resorts are sorted from lowest to highest water temperatures for your bathing preferences.

ResortTemperature in Degrees Celsius (°C)
Terme Catez32°C to 36°C
Terme Dobrna35°C to 36°C
Terme Dolenjske Toplice36°C
Terme Lasko32°C to 35°C
Terme Lendava36°C to 38°C
Terme 300036°C
Terme Olimia29°C to 32°C
LifeClass Hotels & Spa23°C
Terme Ptuj36°C
Terme Radenci28°C to 37°C
Terme Rogaska36°C to 38°C
Terme Strunjan26°C to 28°C
Terme Smarjeske Toplice32°C
Terme Topolsica31°C to 35°C
Terme Zrece27°C to 35°C

Source of information for temperatures are official resorts websites.