Top 5 Health Resorts

Do you want to enhance or boost your health? Or do you want to cure your health condition? Then here are the top health resorts of Slovenia!

1. Terme Dobrna

terme dobrna

Terme Dobrna is top one in curing diseases in women.

Terme Dobrna Spa is the oldest thermal treatment center in Slovenia and boasts 6 centuries of tradition. In 1403, it was documented that the water from Dobrna spa was utilized for medicinal uses. The center of the spa is a thermal spring. The water in the spring has 35 to 36 degrees Celcius, which has a medicinal effects on all kinds of diseases in women. Terme Dobrma offer their female patients several products for intimate hygiene, whose ingredients came from the thermal springs. Read full post…

2. Terme Lasko

terme lasko

Terme Lasko: Enhanced thermal water and offers numerous health programs

At Terme Lasko, they enhanced their medicinal thermal water using advanced medicinal technology. They also designed recognizable preventive and rehabilitation programs. The healing power of the thermal water is proven through ages which can heal numerous health problems and conditions. To enable their patients to accomplish wellness and healthy way of living, they open a wellness spa center in 2008 where many attractive programs were made. Read full post…

3. Terme Lendava

terme lendava

Thermal water contains paraffin, which cures numerous diseases.

The water in Terme Lendava is rich in paraffin, which makes it unique from other thermal springs in Europe. High content of this element will make the turn green hue, making it beneficial for the skin. The thermal water of this health resort is also effective in treating and relieving all kinds of health problems and conditions. There are also other treatments that Lendava is offering to its patients to catalyze their healing process. Read full post…

4. Terme 3000

terme 3000

Their miraculous black thermal water cures numerous diseases.

The black thermo-mineral water of Terme 3000 is the main attraction of this health resort. Bathing in this kind of thermal water has numerous medicinal effects that can cure almost all health problems and conditions. This is perfect for people who are recovering from an injury and for people with skin problems. You can only enjoy unique baths in the Thermalium wellness center. You can’t find this to other wellness centers. Read full post…

5. Terme Olimia

terme olimia

Terme Olimia specializes in invigorating the body and soul.

Like any other health resorts, the natural source of healing of Terme Olimia is thermal water. Their waters have varying temperatures that ranges from 22 to 44 degrees Celcius. The temperature in their pools is achieved by combining water from different springs. With the help of some experts, Terme Olimia is now offering all kinds of water therapy to treat many health problems and conditions. The Wellness Orhidelia is the most prestigious world of thermal pleasure in Europe. You can enjoy numerous pools and relax in the beauty of water drops. Read full post…