Which Health Symptoms Do I have?

Are you experiencing a health condition right now? If so, this page will show you the best resorts to accommodate your health condition.

Resort\Symptomsheart and circulatory diseasesrheumatic diseasesinjuries to the locomotor systemdisease of the digestive systemmetabolic diseasesgynecological diseaseskidney and urinary tract diseasesneurological diseasesskin diseasesneurotic disordersrespiratory ailmentsmouth and teeth diseaseseye diseases
Terme Catez

Terme Dobrna

Terme Dolenjske Toplice

Terme Lasko

Terme Lendava

Terme 3000

Terme Olimia

LifeClass Hotels & Spa

Terme Ptuj

Terme Radenci

Terme Rogaska

Terme Strunjan

Terme Smarjeske Toplice

Terme Topolsica

Terme Zrece

Table Summary:


Heart and Circulatory Diseases

There are five resorts that are best for curing these conditions: Terme RadenciTerme RogaskaTerme Smarjeske Toplice, and Terme TopolsicaTerme Zrece

Rheumatic Diseases

Fortunately, all resorts are the best for this field.

Injuries to the Locomotor System

Still, all resorts can accommodate to these health conditions.

Disease of the Digestive System

There is only one health resort that can treat this condition, and that would be Terme Rogaska.

Metabolic Diseases

There are 3 health resort giants who specialize on this field and they are Terme PtujTerme Radenci, and Terme Rogaska.

Gynecological Diseases

Six health resorts who specialize on this field: Terme CatezTerme DobrnaTerme Dolenjske TopliceTerme Lasko, and Terme LendavaTerme Zrece.

Kidney and Urinary Tract Diseases

Four out of 15 resorts who can treat diseases in this category, and they Terme DobrnaTerme RadenciTerme Rogaska, and Terme Zrece.

Neurological Diseases

If you’re having a condition with your nervous system, then visit one of these health resorts: Terme CatezTerme DobrnaTerme Dolenjske TopliceTerme LaskoTerme LendavaTerme OlimiaLifeClass Hotels & SpaTerme PtujTerme Smarjeske TopliceTerme Topolsica, and Terme Zrece.

Skin Diseases

The skin is the largest organ in the human body. Are you having problems with your skin? Check out these 3 skin experts: Terme LaskoTerme Radenci, and Terme Rogaska.

Neurotic Disorders

If you have a family member who suffers from mental disorder, then bring him to one of these health resorts: Terme DobrnaTerme 3000Terme OlimiaLifeClass Hotels & SpaTerme PtujTerme Smarjeske TopliceTerme Topolsica, and Terme Zrece.

Respiratory Ailments

There are only for health resorts who can cure diseases in the respiratory, and they are LifeClass Hotels & SpaTerme StrunjanTerme Topolsica, and Terme Zrece.

Mouth and Teeth Diseases

Only Terme Rogaska who specializes on this field.

Eye Diseases

There are only two out of fifteen health resorts who can treat diseases of the eye, Terme Rogaska and Terme Zrece.