Terme Slovenia

talaso strunjan spa hotels

Talaso Strunjan Spa Hotels: One of the finest wellness and spa resorts in Slovenia.

If you’re on a holiday and plan to relax and pamper yourself, indulge in Terme Slovenia Spa, Health and Wellness Resorts. Benefit in the natural springs and wellness programs offered in major health resorts in Slovenia.

Since 1147, health resorts and thermal spas have existed in Slovenia according to archeological findings that documented the Roman inhabitants utilizing the use of natural springs and mineral waters around Slovenia. Most of Slovenia’s health resorts use the Italian word “terme”, but some use the Slovenian word “toplice” to refer to these natural springs with different temperature in thermal water that varies from 32 °C to 37 °C for varying healing benefits.

Now, old traditions are combined with modern innovations and techniques available in Slovenia’s Termes such as stress-reduction therapies adopted from the Far East Asia, nutrition and weight loss programs, classical massage techniques and beauty treatments.

These programs will truly ensure a relaxing and satisfying spa holiday for everyone. Even children will enjoy going to termes with paddling pools and water fun for the various entertainment programs organized by the resorts’ animation team. Families with kids can get discounts on room rates and other special services.

At present, there are 25 certified health and spa resorts in Slovenia, two of them are located in the Adriatic coast. Most termes offer special packages that are all-inclusive and can be tailor-made based on your specifications throughout the year. They are affordable and budget-friendly, too. However, prices can be a bit steeper on holidays like Easter and Christmas. You can either book for an individual wellness package or just choose a hotel and select a program on the spot.

One such popular treatment program would be the Thalassotherapy, which uses sea water, mud and algae.

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