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4 seasons, 3 unique climates

Slovenia is a temperate country having four seasons. However, its physical features create three unique climates. The northwest part of Slovenia features an alpine climate with influence from the Atlantic. Alpines valleys feature a moderate climate during summertime but they are cold during winter. The coast, Soca Valley, and Primorska bring a Mediterranean climate. The eastern part has a continental climate having hot summers and cold winters.

Slovenia is in its rainy season during May, June, October, and November. This is usually in late spring or autumn. The precipitation deviates but has an approximation of 900mm in the eastern part, 1300mm to 1600mm in Ljubljana, 3500mm in the Alps, 1100mm to 1300mm on the coastal part. The coldest month is January having a temperature of negative two degrees Celsius, and the hottest is July having 23 degrees Celsius. The average temperature is ten degrees Celsius in the capital region, 7 degrees Celsius in the mountain region, and 14 degrees Celsius on the coastal region. The sun shines 1500 to 2300 hours per year.

Yearly Average Temperature in Bled

bled average temperature

Yearly Average Temperature in Ljubljana

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The Best Time to Go to Slovenia

Every season has its attractions in Slovenia. Snow can linger in the mountains until late June and even July, but spring is a great time to be in the lowlands and flower-carpeted valleys (though it can be pretty wet in May and June). At the same time the days are getting longer, the theatres and other cultural venues are in full swing, off-season rates still generally apply and local people are not yet jaded by waves of summertime visitors.

In Slovenia, each season has its own attractions. You can experience snowy mountains during June and July, but spring is the best time to visit the lowlands and valleys. Summer is the best time for camping and hiking but this is the peak season for tourists. This makes accommodations in Ljubljana difficult if you do not book in advance. September is the best month because this is the season for fruits and vegetables. September can still be the best time to swim in the Adriatic, but by mid-October camping areas have closed down because autumn is coming. Autumn is beautiful, especially in the mountains. This is also the best time for climbing and trekking.

Winter is the best time for skiing. Skiers should know that schools in Slovenia give 10 days of vacation to kids for winter holidays. During winter, most of the museums and tourist attraction are closed or curtailed.

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