Top 5 Welness Resorts

Do you want to take a break and have some time to relax? Then check out the wellness resorts below, and see if one fits your needs.

1. Terme Dolenjske Toplice

indoor relaxation pool

Their Balnea Wellness Centre is the finest wellness center in Slovenia.

Modern selection of top health and wellness services in Europe. This resort was developed because of the healing properties of its thermal water, which was analyzed in 1777. The Health Center, Balnea Wellness Center with indoor and outdoor pools, modern hotel Balnea, Vital and Kristal, total relaxation, sports activities, healthy and active moments… All of these you can enjoy at Terme Dolenjske Toplice. Read full post…

2. Terme Olimia

wellness orhidelia

Their prestigious Orhidelia Wellness centre offers numerous wellness programs.

Has 2 famous wellness centers in Slovenia: Wellness Orhidelia and Wellness Centre Termalia. They have a complete selection of wellness, recreational choices, sauna relaxations, aquatic adventures, top quality health programs, clean air and tranquility make up. These services make this resort a good place to stay in Slovenia. Read full post…

3. Terme 3000

thermalium wellness center

Their Thermalium Wellness Centre offers various wellness and therapeutic services.

Terme 3000 offers many health improving options and wellness in its Thermalium Wellness Center. Only in this wellness center you will be able to give your body unique massages and baths which you cannot find to other wellness centers. One of the popular baths is the Panonnian bath in the natural thermal water. Read full post…

4. Terme Talaso Strunjan

salia thalasso center

Their Salia Thalasso Center uses natural substances for the body’s total wellness. It is also directly connected to nature.

They offer numerous wellness programs in their newly renovated Salia Thalasso Wellness Center, which is directly connected to the nature and combined with Mediterranean properties. They offer natural substances like citrus, rosemary, fango, sea water and salt. Their Thalassotheraphy located in the center of coastal nature park offers relaxation and relief that will make your body regains its beauty and strength. Read full post…

5. Thermana Lasko

terme lasko

Their Wellness Park Hotel offers new wellness programs for guests satisfaction.

Terme Lasko is one of the most modern health and wellness centers in Slovenia. This wellness resort helped many people in restoring their beauty and health and maintain their wellbeing. The new Wellness Park Hotel is the latest acquisition center in 2008 where new attractive programs have been created to give guests more than they expect. Read full post…