Smarjeske Toplice

Smarjeske Toplice 100, 8220 Smarjeske Toplice

smarjeske toplice

Smarjeske Toplice is just a few kilometers from Novo mesto. This thermal spa is surrounded by vineyards, forests, meadows, and thermal water. Before water was able to the locals, they go to the spring in this health resort. They use carts to fill their barrels and buckets. Based from the locals, the owner of this land put a sign close to the spring, which says “PRINESI LOVEC”, meaning bring a coin if you want to drink the water. As time passes by the “NESI” disappeared from the sign and only PRINOVEC remained. This is how the spring got its name.


  • Hotel Vitarium**** superior
  • Hotel Smarjeta****
  • Hotel Toplice****

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Health Services

Healing resources

Hypothermal water with a temperature of 32 °C rich in carbon dioxide, magnesium and potassium


  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Diseases and injuries connected to the locomotor system
  • Primarily sporting injuries
  • Psychosomatic disorders

Rehabilitation Programmes

  • The Smarjeske Toplice Thermal Spa is renowned and respected centre for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases
  • Highly qualified medical staff and the most modern medical equipment are combined with a friendly personal approach towards every guest

Sports and Entertainment

  • The spa complex is surrounded by numerous walking trails and local roads suitable for excursions by bicycle (there are 15 marked cycling trails and there is a map available for purchased at the hotel reception depicting all the trails), hills full of vineyard cottages and churches inviting you to take a relaxing stroll and nine marked trails for Nordic walking
  • The sports park has four tennis courts, a football pitch, a basketball court, a beach volleyball court, mini-golf and bowls pitch;
  • The Vitarium Spa and Clinique Centre offers PACE exercise, cardio-cross training, pillates and altitude training
  • Fitness centre


Vitarium Spa and Clinique

  • The centre’s relaxing and effective programmes are a step on the path towards good health, improved well-being, restored physical energy, a healthy and attractive appearance and excellent physical and mental condition. The programmes are individually designed and based on a natural approach with measurable effects


  • Slimfit
  • Mini slimfit
  • Medico slimfit
  • Medically – based weight loss programmes that solve the problems of excess body weight with the aid of the latest medical knowledge and approaches
  • Vita Detox and Mini Vita Detox – unique detoxification programmes that increase the elimination of harmful substances from the organism and improves its energy balance one-day rejuvenation and wellness programmes

Vitarium aqua

  • A world of saunas
  • Baths and wellness services that includes various saunas
  • Relaxing herb
  • Scented
  • Regenerating and energy baths
  • Popular exfoliation treatments
  • Various massages and wraps
  • Two indoor and four outdoor thermal pool
  • A whirlpool and sunbathing on the open terrace

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What people are saying about this Resort:

We stayed at the Hotel Toplice, and all we can say is excellent hotel. The location is perfect for people who love nature, very peaceful. I also recommend to you the different treatments for spine, bones, heart, and etc. They have experts to assist you. Breakfast was great! – Nicole

Choose this resort if:

  • In the embrace of the forest
  • Medical wellness
  • A rehabilitation centre for athletes

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