About Slovenia


Ljubljana – The Capital of Slovenia

When people hear about Slovenia, what comes in their minds are health and wellness, vacation, and tourist spots, and business. Slovenia is around 20, 000 sq. km with a population of approximately 2 million people. Its neighbors are Croatia, Hungary, Austria, and Italy. Its capital city, Ljubljana, is centrally located and has around 250, 000 people. Slovenia is very diverse because it has the Pannonian Plan, Dinaric Mountain Range, the Mediterranean, and the Julian Alps.

This country is quite small, and this makes it possible to experience its beauty in one day by land travel or sea. You can spend a few days more if you want to see its most interesting places. With its international airport (15 kilometers away from Ljubljana), Slovenia is directly connected to other cities in Europe. You can also get to Slovenia via land travel. With its building highway cross that connects different parts of the country, it is now possible to reach a certain tourist attraction in less amount of time.

Slovenian people love their own language. They can also speak Slovenian English well as it is the main language that is taught by most schools. Therefore, tourists will not have problems when they need information or help when they arrive at Slovenia. Despite the fact that prices are getting higher over the past few years, Slovenia is still much cheaper compared to the Western Europe.

Visiting Slovenia depends on your preference of time or season. It all depends on what you want to do or what you want to see. Most people visit Slovenia during summer season like July and August. But if you prefer to avoid the crowds in the streets, it is better to go around June or September while the weather is still warm. If you love skiing, then the best month to go is end of April. Slovenia is the home of health resorts and spas that can be visited anytime you want! So do not hesitate to discover the beauty of Slovenia by visiting its numerous tourist attractions.