Terme Zrece

Terme Zrece is surrounded by vast forests, vineyards, mountains and hills, and river. These are the features that made this health resort perfect for people who want to relax in a fine atmosphere.

Terme Topolsica

Terme Topolsica has thermal springs that rise from the ground in the middle of the subalpine mountain range. This health resort and its natural environment along with the subalpine climate offer a perfect atmosphere for all kinds of healing and relaxation.

Smarjeske Toplice

Smarjeske Toplice is just a few kilometers from Novo mesto. This thermal spa is surrounded by vineyards, forests, meadows, and thermal water. Before water was able to the locals, they go to the spring in this health resort.

Terme Strunjan

Terme Strunjan is known for its great location near the coast at the center of the nature park known for its steep and high cliffs. In Terme Strunjan, peace and well being are connected to experiences of the infinite blue of the sea and sky.

Terme Rogaska

Terme Rogaska is an health resort located in the eastern Slovenia close to the Croatian boundary. It is situated on the winegrowing hills of Konjsnsko, surrounded by 3 hills – Boc, Donacka gora and Plesivec – and embraced by forests.

Terme Radenci

Terme Radenci is located in the northeast of Slovenia, where cornfields and vineyard covered most of the area. This health resort is situated 5 km away from the larger town of Gornja Radgona along the Austrian boundary and 13 km from Murska Sobota.

Terme Ptuj

Terme Ptuj thermal spa is one of the newest resorts of Slovenia. With its natural features, geographic position, and cultural heritage, this town offers active and curious tourists with numerous opportunities all over the year.

LifeClass Hotels & Spa

With its full view of the ocean, the LifeClass Hotels & Spa integrates the best of the Mediterranean weather, the gifts of nature, and the modern researches on healing effects of the body and soul.

Terme Olimia

Terme Olimia is located in the center of Kozjansko and in the area of Obsotelje. You can find this resort in the southeast of Slovenia along the Croatian border. Terme Olimia is surrounded by Alpine hills and Obstolje, and covered by vineyards.

Terme 3000

Terme 3000 is located in the heart of Prekmurje region, northeast of Slovenia. At Terme 3000 you will experience the beneficial effects of the famous black thermo-mineral water.

Terme Lendava

Terme Lendava is a pleasant surprise because it has numerous beneficial effects and it has outstanding natural, cultural, and ethnological features. This health resort is close to the nature and famous sights and attractions.

Terme Lasko

Terme Lasko is located in the embrace of nature, above the Savinja and Reeica rivers. This health resort is perfect for recuperating, relaxing, and playing. This is almost located in the center of Slovenia, 11 kilometers away from the Maribor-Ljubljana motorway connection in Celje.

Dolenjske Toplice

Dolenjske Toplice is located in the southeast part of Slovenia, and close to the Croatian border. This resort offers modern selection of health and wellness services that are very popular to Europe.

Terme Dobrna

Terme Dobrna is the oldest health resort in Slovenia with over 600 years of tradition. Their hot spring has been known since the ancient Celts and Romans time. The water was used for healing purposes in the year 1403.

Terme Catez

Terme Catez is located at the right hand side of Sava River. This thermal spa is close to the Ljubljana-Zagreb motorway, 100 kilometers away from the city center, 40 kilometers from Novo mesto, and 10 kilometers from the border of Slovenia and Croatia.